Does A Balance Board Help Your Snowboarding?

During the colder months, snowboards are everywhere. Whether on TV, or the ski slopes around the globe, you can’t miss them. If you’re considering trying your hand (and feet) at snowboarding, you are probably wondering, does using a balance board help you learn and perfect your snowboarding skills?  A balance board is beneficial not just…


Is It Safe To Wear Contacts While Snowboarding?

When you hit the snow-covered mountains for a snowboarding holiday, you need to check a few things off a safety checklist, headgear, protective clothing, and so forth. Should you be visually impaired, you should wear your contacts when navigating down an icy mountain; it’s the safe thing to do! Seeing clearly when boarding down a slope…


Is Snowboarding Or Surfing The Harder Sport?

Surfing and snowboarding have a board in common. Both sports require you to balance on a board while maneuvering on water (liquid and frozen forms, respectively). People who have tried both sports generally believe that surfing is more demanding than snowboarding due to the power and unpredictable nature of the ocean compared to the relatively…